Friday, December 20, 2013

on AIRF strike ballot.

AIRF adopted resolution for conducting of STRIKE BALLOT on 36 charter of demands, on 20 & 21 December 2013, in their Annual Convention held at Patna. AILRSA whole heartedly welcome this decision.

As per AILRSA CEC held on 08.08.2013 at New Delhi Com. MN Prasad has written a letter to both AIRF and NFIR to form a joint C ordination committee like NCCRS in 1974 and also to include some important demands of Loco Running Staff.

Hence all AILRSA comrades to campaign and take part in STRIKE BALLOT for pressurising AIRF for a strike in railways. Vote for Strike.
Some important demands out of 36 points charter of demands is given below:
1.   Filling up of Vacancies
2.   Sanction additional post in commensurate with increase train and workload
3.   Stop out sourcing of perennial nature of job
4.   Scrap New Pension Scheme and cover all staff in old pension scheme.
5.   Remove the ceiling limit of Rs. 3500/- for PLB
6.   Raise the ceiling limit of Income Tax deduction to 5 lakhs.
7.   Settle the long pending grievances of Running Staff such as granting of Running allowance wef.01.01.2006 duly improving the ALK, Reduction of Duty hours, Provision of Additional Allowance to Running Staff working in Goods trains . Improvements in the condition of Running Rooms etc.
8.   Running Allowance be paid to the medically de categorized running staff kept on supernumerary posts and issue necessary clarification for payment of final settlement dues taking 55% of pay into account.
9.   Repair Quarters, roads, drains.
Improvement of conditions in the Railway Hospitals

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