Saturday, March 31, 2012

on AVK chaitanaya

The above writings has been taken from The Indomitable Leaders of the Indian Trade Union Movement. 
published  by Guruswami Alamelu Labour Reserch Centre. Chennai. 

Johar  Com. A .V. K Chaitanya

Trade Unionist particularly
worked for Railway Workers Cause
till his last breath on  2.4.2001.

He worked as General Secretary of SCRMU, RMU, HMS,
State President HMS HMKP and President CGPF

Last meeting addressed as Chief Guest on 5.3.2001 as Chief Guest at AIREC General Body meeting held at Secunderabad.

·       Stop Privatization  and Out Sourcing.
·       Fill up all vacant posts.
·       With draw Contributory pension scheme.
·       Conduct fresh elections for only one Union as per the guide. lines of Supreme Court Judgment on 17.2.95.

Oppose Corruption to save Railways and our India.

One who does not understand the past,  will mishandle the present and betray the future.
Johar Com. A.V.K.Chaitanya.

Workers Unity Zindabad.

V.Gnaniah     P.Bala Raju              V.Kameswara Rao             Syed Norrul Haq.                         A.Ravindta
President      Working President       General Secretary              Organising Secretary                    Treasurer

All India Railways Ministerial Staff Association
A constituent of AIREC
South Central zone   -Secunderbad.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

AIRMSA pamphlet

All India Railways Ministerial Staff Association
Regd No 1832 Head office Dhanbad
(A constituent of unit of AIREC.
South Central Zone   -Secunderbad
Mass Signature  and Dhrana at New Delhi on 18.5.2012

Dear Friends,
You are all aware of the fact that our AIRMSA and AIREC have been fighting sincerely for achieving our just demands since decades, Due to constant efforts of our organsiation, we have achieved many grades, promotions.
Our Com. A.Siddique, President of/AIRMSA, Com C.M./Singh GS/AIRMSA and Secretary General/AIREC have represented to Member staff/Chairman Railway Board on our just demands.

The most of the direct recruitments in Senior Clerk grade have not got the higher promotion so far, due to improper cadre restructuring done in 2003. Also 6th CPC have recommended to grant Pay band PB2 with Grade pay Rs.4200/- to those who are in pre-revised scale of Rs.4500-7000 in various ministries, which is equally applicable for Sr. clerks, JAA, Senior typist and all other equivalent categories of ministerial staff.

Due to merger of grades, OS-I & CH.OS, SO & Sr.SO, ISA & Sr.ISA, TIA & Sr.TIA have the same Grade pay was accepted as per VI CPC recommendations but the same pre-revised some categories was revised as Grade pay 5400. In this reason to avoid this anomaly, this association requested to modify the ;Grade pay    ministerial staff as follows:-            
            Ban on recruitment from 1992 onwards (i.e.  Voluntary retirement of 20 years as accepted VI CPC recommendation) has been resulted extra work load and leads frustration among the employees.

So far Administration has not given any positive approval for redressal of our just demands. In this connection All India Railway Employees Confederation conducted its Central Working Committee meeting on 25.12.2011 and 26.12.2011 at Mogal Sarai(ECR) has decided to give a memorandum to the Hon’ble Mintr of Railway on 18.5.2012 with mass signature by conducting on Mass Dhrana at Juntar Manthar,New Delhi, for just demands

Removal of Anomalies from the scales and Grade of pay of Group (D) & (C)
Finalization of Pending Restructuring of Grades. 
Filling up all vacant    posts, 
  Abolition of Contributory pension Scheme.                                                                                          
  Exempt Wage earners from payment of Income Tax.                                                                         
 Formation One Union one industry in Railway by conducting afresh election.   Merger of 50% DA/DR with basic pay.                                                                                               
Appoint 7th CPC for Wages and Pension on Revisions.                                                                                               Extend privilege of First-class Complementary Rail passes to Rly. Pensioners with provision to provide 2 sets of PTO to them.

  Due to organizational problems, our AIRMSA is in active  in our Zone. though it has great history in our Zone, under the leadership and guidance  of Com. M.Soma Sekhara Rao, Com.Sainna, com V.KrishjnaRao  and many others  Hence the Central Committee studied all the organizational problems and taken steps for revival of the origination. One  convener has been nominated on 20.3.2012  by Com.C.M.Singh General Secretary/AIRMSA to revive the organization , for forming, Zonal, Divisiona, Branh leval committees  All seniors, previous office bearers of  AIRMSA at Branch, Divisional and Zonal leval  are requested to strengthen our organization and requested  sign and obtain the signatures on joint mass petition which is going to be submitted to Hon’ble Minister of Railways on 18.5.2012 with lakhs of signatures of employees working in all Zones by doing   Mass Dhrana conducted by AIREC at Janthar Manthar New Delhi.
                  AIRMSA  Zindabad                                                                 AIREC    Zindabad     
                                                         Workers Unity   Zindabad                  
Oppose Corruption - Save Railways and our Nation.
 V.Gnanaih                      P.Bala Raju                  Syed Noorul Haq                  V.Kameswa Rao                    A.Ravinder
 President                   working President      Organising Secretary         Zonal  General Secretar         Treaurer  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 23 Martyrs day.

Long Live Sardar Bhagat Singh, Rajaguru, Sukahadev,
Long Live—Long Live.
We have to observe March 23rd is our Martyrs Day.

Oppose Liberalization Privatization and Globalization taking the spirit of Supreme sacrifices of our great Martyrs.

Fight against Corruption save Railways and our India.

Inquilab Jindabad.
All India Railways Ministerial Staff Association
South Central zone - Secunderabad.
V.Kameswara Rao Zonal Convener 9849008986   Please visit