Friday, March 28, 2014


Some our friends are asking me about AIRMSA at BZA. whether AIRMSA  is previously existed or not.

In this connection We wish to inform that during late 70, 80, AIRMSA was existing  at Vijayawada Division. During that period, Comrades M.Prakasa Rao OS/II Personnel Branch,  Sri Ramulu OS/II Operating Branch, Nelson OS/II and the present Zonal General Secretary, organised at BZA, we have conducted meeting at Press club, at BZA.. Many ministerial staff joined and strengthened our AIRMSA

 Com. S. P.singh AIGC Comrade T. Hanumaiah AILRSA Comrade K.Venkatesara rao,and comrade V. Kama Raju from AISMA and AIREC leaders have cooperated. During that period our AIRMSA had done dhranas, rallies before DRM's office for just demands in support of the calls given by Central Working Committee, and Comrade M. Soma Sekhara rao President/AIRMSA  and Comrade C.M.Singh GS/AIRMSA.

We appeal all BZA, GTL, GNT, SC,HYB, NED Divisions,Railway Wagon Workshop, TPTY, LGD shops Ministerial and shops SEs.SSEs offices ministerial staff are appealed to joined and strengthened our our AIRMSA. And take part in activities as mentioned in our AIRMSA letters.

V.Gnanaiah     Y.Hanumaiah                    V.Kameswara Rao       
President         Working President          Zonal  General. Secretary 

      S.Sundaram                                     Abdul Rahim
Zonal Organizing Secretary                   Treasurer