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All India Railways Ministerial Staff Association
Regd. No. 1832  : : Head Office Dhanbad  - A constituent of AIREC
South Central Zone   -Secunderbad.

Com. A.A. Siddiqui            Com. C.M. Singh.                                 V.Gnaniah  B.Com             V.Kameswara Rao M.A.,D.J         
President                            General Secretary.                                 Zonal   President                  Zonal General Secretary       

AIRMSA  APPEAL  TO ALL MINISTERILAL STAFF                                                  15.6.2012

Dear Comrades,

It is well known fact that ministerial cadre is the nerve system of Government Administration for effective functioning and in fact it is the back bone of administration in decision making process.

All India Railway Employees confederation (AIREC) and their constituents of categorical Association have the notable place in the history of Trade Union movement of Indian Railways by virtue of their solid and strong continuous struggle to achieve the demands of Railway men.

AIRMSA is the only unique forum to struggle against the Railwaymen’s problem and particularly grievance of their ministerial cadre on united as well as individual level and it had achieved in their demands in past viz., more percentage in higher grades in promotion, restructuring and up gradation and creation of the highest class II grade viz., Rs. 2375 – 3500 in ministerial cadre and represented in all pay commission for the welfare of ministerial cadre.

The existing ministerial cadre have suffered with lot of problems due to ban on recruitment, surrender of posts, improper restructuring etc.,

1. VI Pay commission Anomalies :-

(i) Erosion of fixation of minimum wages for central Government employees by VI CPC:-

The sixth CPC report was submitted on 24/03/2008. In this report, the minimum wages as on 01/01/2006 as per 15TH ILC (Indian Labour conference) 1957 was fixed as Rs.5478.50 for 3 consuming units. This is inadequate and improper for Indian standard social family.

In the meantime, Government of India have passed one act,
“ The Maintenance and welfare of Parents and Senior Citizen Act 2007”. (No.56 of 2007) and published in the official Gazette on 31/12/2007 and shall come into force on such date.

This provision of this act will be made as part of conduct rule of Central Government Employees like Rule 13 (Prohibition of dowry) and Rule 22-A (Abolition of child labour)

Thus subject aspect has not been noticed by VI CPC, where it is submitted to the Government and it causes the first and foremost major erosion in the minimum wages of CGE as fixed by commission , at the time of submission of report itself.

Hence extra two consuming units to be added for the maintenance and welfare of parents and Senior citizen and minimum wages become Rs,9130.83 (Rs.5478.50 + 3652.33) and hence the pay may be fixed as Rs.9500/- as minimum wages.

 (ii) Grade pay:

Now the implementation of 6th Pay CPC recommendation of Pay band and Grade pay by Railway administration is also making anomalies among ministerial cadre.

The sixth CPC is recommending a new structure of running Pay bands and Grade pay. In the structure, grade pay has been normally taken at 40% of the maximum pre-revised Pay scale as the nature of fitment benefit (para 1.2.3 of VI CPC) It is rounded off to the next multiple hundred. In a few cases, the rates of Grade Pay have been computed differently (para 2.2.11). Where two or more pre-revised scales have been merged the maximum of the highest pre-revised scale has been taken and 40% there of is given as Grade pay. In some cases, the amount of Grade pay has been adjusted so as to maintain a clear differential between successive Grade pay (para 2.2.21 (II)) while, initially Grade pay will be as per hierarchy, however, the Government will have the flexibility to remove layers by removing specific Grade pay (para 2.2.13 (iv))

Hence, the introduction of Pay band and Grade pay in Pay structure of CGE is the new avenue and it makes new look in service matters in all dimensions and Grade pay is the most important vital and essential factor for service as well as after-service benefits.

The most of the direct recruitments in Senior Clerk grade have not got the higher promotion so far, due to improper cadre restructuring done in 2003. Also 6th CPC have recommended to grant Pay band PB2 with Grade pay Rs.4200/- to those who are in pre-revised scale of Rs.4500-7000 in various ministries, which is equally applicable for Sr. clerks, JAA, Senior typist and all other equivalent categories of ministerial staff.

Due to merger of grades, OS-I & CH.OS, SO & Sr.SO, ISA & Sr.ISA, TIA & Sr.TIA have the same Grade pay was accepted as per VI CPC recommendations but the same pre-revised some categories was revised as Grade pay 5400. In this reason to avoid this anomaly, this association requested to modify the ;Grade pay ministerial staff as follows:-

Sr. typist & Junior Steno from Rs.2400 to Rs.4200
Sr.clerks/JAA From Rs.2800 to Rs.4200
Hd. Clerks/OS-II/A.A /Hd. Typists from Rs.4200 to Rs.4800
OS-I/Ch.OS from Rs.4600 to Rs.5400
SO/Sr.SO,ISA/Sr.ISA/TIA/Sr.TIA From Rs.4800 to Rs.5400

(iii) Child care leave:

Stringent restrictions on granting of CCL as contained in R.B. Lt.
No. E(PYA) -2008/CPC/LE-8 dt. 12/12/2008 (RBE No. 195/08) should be reviewed and relaxed norms should be issued for the benefit of larger section of Working women; otherwise CCL becomes imaginary and dream benefits and it would be available in paper only.
The above demands are already submitted as memorandum to Railway Board after conducting Mass –Dharna before parliament on 28/03/09 by Central Office of this Association. Out these, the demand of relaxation of equal duration of leave in encashment of leave was achieved.

2.MACPS anomalies:-
MACPS is not yet fully implemented to all grades and categories of employees. However, some of the provisions of MACP is contradictory nature with the principles of Grade Pay adopted by VI CPC.

Unilateral transfer (request transfer of employees to lower post) and refusal of promotion cases as stated in Para 24 and 25 of MACPS may be considered as special case in prospective effect from the date of issue of MACPS (i.e. 10/06/2009) as one time measure, since those employees were seeking transfers for their family welfare, medical case etc., in long back.

3, Expedite the reclassification of post of selection and non-selection process.

4. Expedite to issue the eligibility norms of Privilege pass to employees, since benefits under MACP are linked with it as per Para 16 of MACPS.
5. Grant V CPC arrears from 01/01/96 to 18/02/03 against the Proforma fixation of Accounts cadre.

6. Surrender of Posts:-

III Pay commission observed on the burden of ministerial cadre as:-

“The analysis of the facts collected by us under the job description programme and further study of date made by the Administrative college of India indicates that the size of jobs entrusted to staff working at the level of LDC & UDC varies considerably from Office to office and within same office. It highlights the need for developing proper work standards with a view to ensuring a mere rational reallocation of work, between the two clerical grades” (vol. I chapter XX Sec. 20).

Hence Railway ministerial staff goes without a yard stick of work and post are surrendered without any scientific analysis.

IV. Remove ban on recruitment.

Regarding ministerial cadre on Indian Railways is concerned, Railway Board have instructed for freezing of 25% of vacancies falling within the direct recruitment quota in the category of clerks and senior clerks and 20% in the category of Junior accounts Assistant and Accounts clerk from 31/12/91 and no adhoc or regular officiating against these vacancies should be made by promoting staff from lower grades or by any other method be (including Compassionate appointments) and these unfilled vacancies should be reviewed and surrender the posts to credit to the surplus bank for creation of post in productive categories (para 2,3 & 6 of R.B. Lt. No. E(NG)II/91/RR-1/20 Dt. 30/12/91 (RBE No. 210/9991)}

Moreover, Railway Board have directed that the existing percentage of frozen vacancies can be increased further provided any difficulty in functioning of the departments was not found (para 3 of R.B. Lt. of even No. dt. 08/01/2003).

 Ban on recruitment from 1992 onwards (i.e. 20 years. 20 years as accepted VI CPC recommendation) has been resulted extra work load and leads frustration among the employees.)

While there has been expansion in the activities of Railways in all fields there has been no matching increase the staff strength in the clerical cadre and freeze orders of ministerial cadre for a long time results the existing staff are not in a position to promptly deal with all problems and adverse effect on the efficiency of work.

Undoubtedly the physical and mental attributes of human resources are highly pertinent to organizational performance.

Even though employees have willingness to work, but the physical condition of ordinary man and frustration due to poor working conditions, job pressures, role conflicts, lack of freedom of work, occupational stress, age factor, fatigue etc., reduces the capacity to work.

One machine can do the work of fifty men, but no machine can do the work of extra ordinary man.

Generally the individuals are dynamic, creative and innovative during their young age. Latest knowledge, skill innovative or creative talent can be brought into organization. However they may lack of judgement and maturity during the young age. Hence combination of young and experienced is preferred by the organizational development.

The cost of newly recruited employees can be minimised because employees selected from external sources are generally placed on minimum pay scale.

For the foregoing reasons, this Association request ban on recruitment for more than 20  years should be removed not only the welfare of existing employees but also the welfare of Administrative function.

                                              JOIN AND STRENGTHEN    AIRMSA

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