Sunday, December 23, 2012

AISMA Conciliatory meeting decisions.

 MINUTES OF THE CONCILIATORY Proceedings HELD AT NDLS ON 21.11.2012 @ 11.00 Hrs
The meeting commenced at 11.00 hours and Sri. B.K. SANWARIYA Dy.CLC (C) NDLS, the Conciliatory Officer presided the proceeding.  (On behalf of the Union/Association, M.P.Mishra  CP, U. John Vincent Kumar SG, R.N.Chaturvedi  Jt.SG, and R.D.Samy Liaison Secretary and On behalf of  Railway Management  Sri. I. Jeyakumar Director TT/POL, Sri. Hari Krishan Director/ PC-II,   D.Mallik Jt.Director/IR were present).
Regarding 12 ASMs VICTIMIZATION the Association   has furnished the copy of the Supreme Court Judgment, 1964 and connected papers, to the Railway Board. The concerned  Directorate in Board is to examine the issue of 12 ASM case of SR. As far as the case of 26 AMSs SWR is concerned the Board has not received reply from GM SWR. After receipt of the reply the papers will be put up to the Board. The Conciliation Officer requested the Management representative to expedite these cases on fast track.
The issue regarding minimum GRADE PAY Rs.4200 is under consideration and referred to Ministry of Finance. The Management has shown the relevant file to the Conciliation Officer, who is also satisfied with proposal submitted to Ministry of Finance and requested to expedite the matter further with the Ministry of Finance.
Regarding Safety Allowance and Uniform/Washing ALLOWANCE, the additional inputs provided by the Association have been handed over to the officials of the Railway Board during the previous conciliation. The  concerned Directorate will submit reply to the Conciliation Officer in a week’s time.
Regarding abolition of Continuous Night duty, Uniform Transfer Policy, Regarding, weekly rest for the Station Masters in intensive roster much was not deliberated.
The Association raised its objection over the undue delay in settling the issues and demanded the Conciliation Officer to windup the  Conciliation and treat it as failure. The Conciliation Officer expressed that of the five demands  the Demand No2, the  Grade Pay  was accepted by the Management  and pending with the Min. of Finance.  Regarding item no.1, it was referred that the issue of victimisation, the case of SWR was already accepted and SR is under process. Similarly other demands have not been turndown by the Management and process has already been initiated. Hence, he requested the Association   to wait for some more time and instructed the Management to speed up the process and complete the process towards progress immediately.
The Conciliatory Officer postponed the proceedings to 04th Feb. 2013 at 11.00 hrs.
-Central Executive Committee
Let's meet in DURG on 1st  Dec 2012, in the CBGM and decide the next course  of action
Masters! March into DURG with Determination!!
March out with the Derived ACTION !!! 

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